Friday, September 08, 2006

Audition dialogue

Here are the pieces of dialogue I want you to use when auditioning. Notice I haven't typed it all out. Rather, i've given you the page number and then the first and last lines of the block of text. If there are other people speaking in the selection (and there are in most because I want to see how you react to other characters speaking to you), I will read the other lines during the audition.

Keep in mind that I want everyone to audition for a speaking part. You may end up with a silent role, but i still want to see what everyone has. Hell, you might be a big bag of awesome and not even know it.

(77) "The lamp's out of oil, sir"..."why should I?"

(78) "Tell me, do you love me?"..."they can teach you how to win a case whether you are in the right or not"

(78-9) "Who are these people?" ... "and I couldn't care less what you say!"

(80) "Like to hear another of Socrates' clever ideas?"..."and then this gecko shat on him from the ceiling in the dark."

(83) "Why call'st thou me, O creature of a day?" ... "The same thing occurs in the case of cress"

Clouds (chorus)
(89) "Hail grey-headed seeker of language artistic"..."and on our account act really vain"

Leader of the clouds
(91-2) "Just tell us, then, what you want us to do for you"..."Just put yourself confidently in the hands of our ministers here."

(108) "This way. Let the audience see you" .... "Fetch me a basin, somebody."

(108) "Sure, go wherever you like." ... "You're just a fogbound out-of-tune old windbag."

First creditor
(117-118) "Why should anyone want to lend out his money?"..."but you swore by the gods that you would pay."

Second creditor
(121) "Ah me! Ah me!"..."I only want my own money back"

(129-130) "Help, who's set our house on fire?" ... "Help, I'm going to be burnt alive"


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