The Clouds

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google calendar

So, I've just filled in a detailed calendar with our schedule as well as that of other recitation sections. Just go into the gmail account and click on "calendar" at the very top of the page (next to "google," "gmail," "spreadsheets" and "other services"). The calendar for the next 2 months will open up and all you have to do is click on the events that pertain to your class to stay on schedule.

Monday, October 02, 2006

more edits

here are some edits from leah dicicco,which should help us get in time.

Pg. 78 (Line 95) - That's where the people who live ... charcoal inside it.
Pg. 81 (Line 187) - Why on Earth are those ones ... astronomy all by itself.
Pg. 88 (Line 349) - So if they see one of those ... into centaurs.
Pg. 90 (Line 395) - But how about the fiery thunderbolt? ... to Pg. 91 (Line 411)
and giving me burns in the face.
Pg. 96 (Line 545) - I'm like that too ... and all of them are clever.
Pg. 103 (Line 748-ish) - Instead of Strepsiades saying "I've got an evasive idea
for dealing with interest," he can say "Try me!!" Then cut the lines begining with
"I've got an evasive idea ... very good, let me give you another one" (I really
don't think we need two arguments there)
Pg. 106 (Line 847) - Tell me now, what do you call this ... old for that sort of
Pg. 106 (Line 856) - Change Pheidippides line to "How did you lose your cloak?"
Pg. 109 (Line 921) - You're not doing so badly ... pays you to corrupt it's young
Pg. 120 (Line 1245) - Wait a moment and i'll tell you ... so you're not going to pay?
Pg. 126 (Line 1413-ish) - On what principle can you claim ... should be severly

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Strepsiades: Jenna Nonnemacher

Pheidippides: Michael Heater

Socrates: Erissa Scalera

Student: Leah Luhovey

Leader: Julie Stefanick

Chorus: Lauren Salay, Sara Demmler, Michelle Mazanek, Karen Inquartano

Right: Ashley Weeast

Wrong: Christie Hodor

1st Creditor: Eric Seeleman

2nd Creditor: Leah DiCicco

Chaerephon: Lauren O’Leary

Slave: Katie Campbell

Students: Chris Cover, Megan Sewak, Brian Fitzpatrick

1st witness: Alyssa Daugherty

Xanthias: Anne Reddy

Edits and Casting


Tuesday's recitation did not have this done. I was THIS close to turning students into nothing but bloody stumps whose last words were: " didn't check it...sorry."

Cast will be up later today.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Lecture thoughts

Because we are too pressed for time to talk in depth about some of the issues presented in the lecture, from time to time I'm going to put up my thoughts connecting the productions to the lectures.

To find them, go to the gmail account. Remember, go to and put in the user name and password that I've handed out to everyone.

This week, I talk about the sophistic notion of truth and tie it to a scene in the Women of Troy.

Stay tuned for next week: Socrates in the Symposium and in the Clouds.


Sunday, September 17, 2006


Congrats Cloud-ies, you are the first section to finish the initial editing.

The edits are listed here and are attached in word-file form in the gmail account

CUT LINES (page number followed by the 1st word that is cut to the last word that is cut)

Pg 75 “Damn this war…let’s cover up and snore too.”
Pg 75 “Even his dreams…take another step up.”
Pg 76 “Why did I borrow it?”
Pg 76 “I might just as well have copped it right then and there!”
Pg 76 “the niece of Megacles the son of Megacles, no less”
Pg 77 “Well, when me and my…fortunes down with galloping consumption.”
Pg 77-8 “I want you to kiss me…what’s up”
Pg 78-9 “By Dionysus no…do go and study with them!”
Pg 79 “son of Pheidon, from Cicynna”
Pg 80 “of Sphettus”
Pg 81 “And then yesterday…and we still admire old Thales.”
Pg 81 “What did you think they were. Spartan prisoners from Pylos, if you ask me.”
Pg 82 “Geometry? What’s that useful for?...beneficial invention!”
Pg 82 “Then where is my village…Isn’t it? Then take that!”
Pg 83 “The same thing occurs in the case of cress.”
Pg 83 “all this about thought attracting moisture to cress.”
Pg 84 “Iron coins like they have at Byzantium?”
Pg 84 “like that Athamas.”
Pg 85 “Whether in father Ocean’s…Where’er you be, my prayer hear.”
Pg 87 “towards Mount Parnes.”
Pg 87 “Where where? Show me…there in the entryway!”
Pg 88 “with fancy signetrings”
Pg 88 “Ah, that accounts for…and quite right too.”
Pg 88 “Ah, now I understand…so they’ve turned into women!”
Pg 90 “say at the Panathenaea”
Pg 90 “They’re perjurers if anyone is!...say they were guilty of perjury?”
Pg 90-1 “What is the thunderbolt in that case? me burns in the face.”
Pg 92 “Let me call me glib…I assure you that I’ll love it!”
Pg 94 “I will if you give me a honeycake…going down into that cave!”
Pg 95 “For since I earned the attention…trusting in her words and in her action.”
Pg 96 “I went for Cleon…praise the wisdom of this generation.”
Pg 97 “Then, before you with high command…elected Cleon just the same!”
Pg 97-8 “Thou who art throned…that days are rightly reckoned by the Moon!”
Pg 100 “What do you mean…kneading in a round mortar.”
Pg 100 “So I should have said…Never mind that.”
Pg 101 “What ails thee, friend…and all but done for- yoww!”Pg 107 “And yet it’s true for six grand, Hyperbolus did manage to learn it.”
Pg 107 “Do you know…frogs out of pomegranate peel. Well.”
Pg 110 “Then all the boys of the district…for insulting the Muses.”
Pg 110 “How redolent of cicada…men who fought at Marathon.”
Pg 111 “otherwise by Dionysus…plane tree whispers to the elm!”
Pg 113 “Many people. For example…you hulking old ruin!”
Pg 118-9 “Why what are you afraid of?...a heap of earthenware.”
Pg 119 “and I think a song of celebration is called for…and win each case you fight.”
Pg 121 “ Who’s this singing laments?... why wishest thou to know who I may be?”

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Play schedule

ok guys, the early plays are going to be REALLY early. this is due to thanksgiving and the national communication association conference in the middle-end of November. tough turkey.

Bacchae: Tuesday, Nov. 7
Trojan Women: Thurs, Nov 9
The Frogs: Tues, Nov. 14
Antigone: Tu, Nov 28
Philoctetes: Th, Nov 30
The Clouds: Tu, Dec 5
Thucydides: Th, Dec 7
Symposium: Wed, Dec 13, 4-5:50 (exam period)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Audition dialogue

Here are the pieces of dialogue I want you to use when auditioning. Notice I haven't typed it all out. Rather, i've given you the page number and then the first and last lines of the block of text. If there are other people speaking in the selection (and there are in most because I want to see how you react to other characters speaking to you), I will read the other lines during the audition.

Keep in mind that I want everyone to audition for a speaking part. You may end up with a silent role, but i still want to see what everyone has. Hell, you might be a big bag of awesome and not even know it.

(77) "The lamp's out of oil, sir"..."why should I?"

(78) "Tell me, do you love me?"..."they can teach you how to win a case whether you are in the right or not"

(78-9) "Who are these people?" ... "and I couldn't care less what you say!"

(80) "Like to hear another of Socrates' clever ideas?"..."and then this gecko shat on him from the ceiling in the dark."

(83) "Why call'st thou me, O creature of a day?" ... "The same thing occurs in the case of cress"

Clouds (chorus)
(89) "Hail grey-headed seeker of language artistic"..."and on our account act really vain"

Leader of the clouds
(91-2) "Just tell us, then, what you want us to do for you"..."Just put yourself confidently in the hands of our ministers here."

(108) "This way. Let the audience see you" .... "Fetch me a basin, somebody."

(108) "Sure, go wherever you like." ... "You're just a fogbound out-of-tune old windbag."

First creditor
(117-118) "Why should anyone want to lend out his money?"..."but you swore by the gods that you would pay."

Second creditor
(121) "Ah me! Ah me!"..."I only want my own money back"

(129-130) "Help, who's set our house on fire?" ... "Help, I'm going to be burnt alive"

Thursday, September 07, 2006


by either late today (thursday) or early tomorrow i will have the snippets of dialogue for each speaking part. I want everyone to audition for a speaking part, even if you don't end up getting one.

i'll post the dialogue here and in the gmail account


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Productions of The Clouds

Here are some pictures from productions of The Clouds. Some are Greek costumed, others aren't.

Art and the Clouds

Here we find some renderings of "The Clouds" and of "The Birds," another of Aristophanes' comedies.

Our boy

Here's Mr. Aristophanes himself:

Hi everybody!

Welcome to our little corner of bawdiness in the blogosphere!

Please feel free to post and comment. You need to get a blogger account if you want to become a posting member and then send it to me so that I can add you in and get you the posting privileges. You can comment as much as you want without an account.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hey y'all!

I've gotten this blog up and running so that we have a place to put half- or fully-baked ideas, pictures, inspirations, communications, etc.

We also have a gmail account:

So, please come here early and often, and use this as a place to network with your fellow students.