Sunday, September 17, 2006


Congrats Cloud-ies, you are the first section to finish the initial editing.

The edits are listed here and are attached in word-file form in the gmail account

CUT LINES (page number followed by the 1st word that is cut to the last word that is cut)

Pg 75 “Damn this war…let’s cover up and snore too.”
Pg 75 “Even his dreams…take another step up.”
Pg 76 “Why did I borrow it?”
Pg 76 “I might just as well have copped it right then and there!”
Pg 76 “the niece of Megacles the son of Megacles, no less”
Pg 77 “Well, when me and my…fortunes down with galloping consumption.”
Pg 77-8 “I want you to kiss me…what’s up”
Pg 78-9 “By Dionysus no…do go and study with them!”
Pg 79 “son of Pheidon, from Cicynna”
Pg 80 “of Sphettus”
Pg 81 “And then yesterday…and we still admire old Thales.”
Pg 81 “What did you think they were. Spartan prisoners from Pylos, if you ask me.”
Pg 82 “Geometry? What’s that useful for?...beneficial invention!”
Pg 82 “Then where is my village…Isn’t it? Then take that!”
Pg 83 “The same thing occurs in the case of cress.”
Pg 83 “all this about thought attracting moisture to cress.”
Pg 84 “Iron coins like they have at Byzantium?”
Pg 84 “like that Athamas.”
Pg 85 “Whether in father Ocean’s…Where’er you be, my prayer hear.”
Pg 87 “towards Mount Parnes.”
Pg 87 “Where where? Show me…there in the entryway!”
Pg 88 “with fancy signetrings”
Pg 88 “Ah, that accounts for…and quite right too.”
Pg 88 “Ah, now I understand…so they’ve turned into women!”
Pg 90 “say at the Panathenaea”
Pg 90 “They’re perjurers if anyone is!...say they were guilty of perjury?”
Pg 90-1 “What is the thunderbolt in that case? me burns in the face.”
Pg 92 “Let me call me glib…I assure you that I’ll love it!”
Pg 94 “I will if you give me a honeycake…going down into that cave!”
Pg 95 “For since I earned the attention…trusting in her words and in her action.”
Pg 96 “I went for Cleon…praise the wisdom of this generation.”
Pg 97 “Then, before you with high command…elected Cleon just the same!”
Pg 97-8 “Thou who art throned…that days are rightly reckoned by the Moon!”
Pg 100 “What do you mean…kneading in a round mortar.”
Pg 100 “So I should have said…Never mind that.”
Pg 101 “What ails thee, friend…and all but done for- yoww!”Pg 107 “And yet it’s true for six grand, Hyperbolus did manage to learn it.”
Pg 107 “Do you know…frogs out of pomegranate peel. Well.”
Pg 110 “Then all the boys of the district…for insulting the Muses.”
Pg 110 “How redolent of cicada…men who fought at Marathon.”
Pg 111 “otherwise by Dionysus…plane tree whispers to the elm!”
Pg 113 “Many people. For example…you hulking old ruin!”
Pg 118-9 “Why what are you afraid of?...a heap of earthenware.”
Pg 119 “and I think a song of celebration is called for…and win each case you fight.”
Pg 121 “ Who’s this singing laments?... why wishest thou to know who I may be?”


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