Monday, October 02, 2006

more edits

here are some edits from leah dicicco,which should help us get in time.

Pg. 78 (Line 95) - That's where the people who live ... charcoal inside it.
Pg. 81 (Line 187) - Why on Earth are those ones ... astronomy all by itself.
Pg. 88 (Line 349) - So if they see one of those ... into centaurs.
Pg. 90 (Line 395) - But how about the fiery thunderbolt? ... to Pg. 91 (Line 411)
and giving me burns in the face.
Pg. 96 (Line 545) - I'm like that too ... and all of them are clever.
Pg. 103 (Line 748-ish) - Instead of Strepsiades saying "I've got an evasive idea
for dealing with interest," he can say "Try me!!" Then cut the lines begining with
"I've got an evasive idea ... very good, let me give you another one" (I really
don't think we need two arguments there)
Pg. 106 (Line 847) - Tell me now, what do you call this ... old for that sort of
Pg. 106 (Line 856) - Change Pheidippides line to "How did you lose your cloak?"
Pg. 109 (Line 921) - You're not doing so badly ... pays you to corrupt it's young
Pg. 120 (Line 1245) - Wait a moment and i'll tell you ... so you're not going to pay?
Pg. 126 (Line 1413-ish) - On what principle can you claim ... should be severly


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